Elaine, the founder and director of Kala Hypnosis, is a former respiratory therapist, pulmonary function technician, polysomnographer and chief technician with the Lung Transplant Team at Toronto General Hospital/ University of Toronto and a Certified Nutritional Therapist. She is published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, American Review of Respiratory Disease, Proceedings of American Cardiovascular Perfusionists, Chest, and the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs.

Elaine first studied hypnosis with Dr. Stephen Steiner at the Mind Development Institute in Toronto back in the mid-70s, then later with Dr. Georgian Cannon at the Ontario Centre for Hypnosis.  Elaine is also a Certified Nutritional Therapist & Advanced Weight Loss Practitioner. 

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the clock story

KALA is a Sanskrit word meaning "time."  The name came to me as I was walking home from a training class during the G20 Summit in downtown Toronto. 

As police marched along downtown streets just prior to the riots, the cadence of their footsteps rang out, ka-la, ka-la, ka-la.  At the time, the word had no meaning for me, but upon looking it up, decided that would be the name of my hypnosis practice.

Four years later, I climbed up the stairs of a clock tower and took the photo on the home page from inside the clock.  That's why the hands of time appear in reverse -- just a different point of view, looking from the inside out.

As a hypnotist, it is my goal to enable people to look at things in a new way, from the inside out; hence, when it's time for change, change your mind, change your life!

Elaine Murphy, CCH

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