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Help To Quit Smoking

Smoking is both a habit and an addiction.  Both the general public and hypnotists alike have many preconceived notions about people who smoke.  And just as there are so many variations in human behaviour, there is no “one-size” fits all type of solution.  In fact, there are millions of variations as to why people smoke.

Kala Hypnosis is pleased to announce a new COMPUTERIZED STOP SMOKING PROGRAM.  With this new and revolutionary program based on personality and stress testing, we can come up with a plan that is customized to your particular needs. You will be provided with audio recordings to supplement and accelerate your success.  Just lie back, relax and listen!

If you are seriously thinking about giving up smoking for good, or just toying with the idea and wondering if you are really ready, give us a call today for a free consultation. (519) 501-4848


Approximately 600, which includes nail polish remover,  embalming fluid and rat poison.  When the cigarette is  burned, more than 7,000 chemicals are created, at least 69 of which are cancer-causing.   

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"In 2010, I came from Vancouver to visit family in Kitchener and had been a smoker for over 40 years.  I had no plan to give up the habit, but Elaine, an old family friend had just graduated as a hypnotist and wanted to try out a stop-smoking program she had created.  
Surprisingly, I don't remember much of the session, but I am very happy to say I stopped smoking immediately without any withdrawal symptoms.  It was as though I had never smoked. Amazing!"  Bill Watt, Vancouver

Test yourself

If you are a smoker, you may want to hold off on having that first cigarette and caffeine drink of the day and visit a pharmacy that has free blood pressure monitoring.  Follow the instructions usually written on the equipment and get a reading of your blood pressure and heart rate.

Step outside and have that first cigarette, then go back in and retest yourself.  See what a difference that one cigarette makes!